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We promote respect for each individual and diversity in all aspects of our business. We support and empower our employees to take initiatives, innovate and drive innovation. Due to the large variety of international manufacturers and products, we are undoubtedly an attractive partner.

At Ocean Group Qatar, we discover bold ideas and new opportunities that drive the industry for better future with better food.


Our values are central to everything we do. We care for views that express our common understanding of what we believe, how we behave and what we want to be as an organization. Work towards a safe and sustainable future and contribute to the global effort to feed the growing population!

We are aware of our responsibility to promote stability and long-term growth. We share the unbending determination to deliver distinction in everything we do.


In the Asian region, we are operating dynamically: an important target market and a strategic starting point for all our main product streams. We have associate factories and production houses in India, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand. Since the founding of Ocean Group Company, we have expanded our activities to many countries. We are indeed now active in more nations, building strong relationships in developed economies as well as cultivating opportunities in many developing countries.

We have been anchored in Europe, South and West Latin America for a while now, and the region is the cornerstone of our strategy. The North American area is indeed dominated by the United States, and we are in this region in almost every step of the value chain.

We have Production in India, Myanmar, Vietnam & Thailand